Dec 22, 2008

Orbit Baby achieves Oeko-TexR Standard 100 certification

Parents today are more concerned than ever about the chemicals to which their children are exposed. As part of their overall Green initiatives, Orbit Baby is committed to reducing harmful materials in all of their products. Since fabrics are what children touch and sleep on the most in car seats and strollers, Orbit has recently achieved Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification for all the micro-fiber upholstery fabric on our products. They are the first car seat and stroller manufacturer to achieve this milestone, and this certification makes our products industry-leaders in chemical safety and hypoallergenic qualities. Besides being the only valid certification of its kind, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is very thorough in the substances it addresses: over 100 compounds are restricted, ranging from harmful heavy metals like lead and arsenic, to many known allergy-inducing and irritating chemicals. Also restricted are substances such as pesticides, phthalates, dyes, and VOC emissions. If you would like to read further about Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, you can find more information by clicking here. Or click here to learn more about the Oribit products.

Dec 17, 2008

Micralite Toro stroller get's a rave Consumer Report review!

Micralite Toro Stroller has received rave reviews from Consumer Reports. Of the hundreds of strollers tested, the Toro is rated the top luxury stroller. Experts at the Consumer Reports National Testing and Research Center tested hundreds of strollers to determine which product performs best. The tests were based not only on government and industry standards, but also on durability, safety, maneuverability and ease-of-use. Of all the strollers reviewed, the Toro received the highest marks across all categories for luxury strollers. Click here to learn more about the Micralite strollers.

Nov 11, 2008

Bugaboo launches online community called "Bugaboo Friends"

This month Bugaboo launched Bugaboo Friends, a new online community on for parents, grandparents, best friends and anyone who is interested in staying on the go. Share stories, product tips & tricks, pictures, videos and experiences with people from all over the world. Bugaboo Friends inspires its community to move and explore new places and provides the exclusive privilege of hearing Bugaboo news first.
One of the most exciting features of this campaign is the creation of new films that bring to life the phrase, “Just because you become a parent doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring.” The embodiment of this statement, along with bringing the story of Bugaboo functionality into the context of the world, allow these films to build a connection between Bugaboo and their consumers.

Nov 5, 2008

Oct 29, 2008

Enjoy complete peace of mind w/ New Philips DECT Baby Monitors

Enjoy complete peace of mind. With the new Philips Avent range of DECT Baby Monitors you can relax, safe in the knowledge your baby's happy even when you are out the room. As a mother, you know there's nothing more important than the connection with your baby. With the Philips AVENT digital baby monitor, we offer a means of connecting to your baby over a crystal clear and secure connection. Using the latest DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) technology, we guarantee no interference to the signal, because our monitors constantly scan over 100 channels and seamlessly switch should the slightest disruption be detected. Click here to learn more about the Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor Sensors.

Oct 23, 2008

Two-Minute Replay of the Orbit Stroller on the show "The Office"

The Orbit Infant System is a modular stroller/car seat system, designed to adapt and grow as your baby grows. With the infant system you get an infant car seat, a base and a stroller, all for $900. The Orbit Bassinet and Cradle was also shown on the "The Office" (in the conference room while Dwight was in the parking lot running over the stroller with his car). The Bassinet attaches to the stroller, as well as a Rocker base that can swivel and lock, allowing your baby to rock either front to back or side to side. That part sells for around $280. And eventually as your children grow up, you can buy a regular stroller seat and a regular car seat from Orbit as well. The Orbit is definitely one of the top stroller/car seat systems out there, and it was cool to see it featured so prominently on The Office tonight. And for $900 (minus the bassinet), it's still cheaper than Dwight's bomb shelter. Check out the Orbit Infant System by clicking here.

Click here for a Two-Minute Replay of the Orbit Stroller on the show "The Office"

Oct 7, 2008

Picture of Tori Spelling Pushing a Stokke Xplory

The neweset brand to make the celebrity stroller craze is the Stokke Xplory. While this stroller has been on the market for a couple of years now it seems more and more celebrities are opting for the Stokke Xplory.
To the left is a picture of Tori Spelling pushing her newest little one. The Stokke Xplory is designed to enhance the interaction and connection between parent and child. It brings your child "up" to where they are a true part of activities, providing a happier, more peaceful environment that allows you to relax and enjoy your time together when you're away from home. As your child develops, they can be stimulated by panoramic views, as well as comfortable seat and footrest positioning. This stroller provides a complete solution, with an adjustable seat and carry cot. It is also easy to handle and maneuver with large rear wheels and rotating front wheels that make the stroller easy to move around, even in tight spaces. Click here to learn more about the Stokke Xplory.

Oct 2, 2008

Wall Street Journal Aricle on Booster Seat Safety

The Wall Street Journal just came out with a great article about booster seats safety. According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, a number of booster seats don't do enough to protect children in a crash and could even contribute to internal injuries. Here are some excerpt from the article. "In a report released today, the Insurance Institute said 13 of the 41 booster seats it tested performed so poorly that it can't recommend them. The research group, which is funded by the insurance industry, said it considers 10 models the "best bets," and five more models are good bets. The rest are fair. Another key finding: Children's proportions and vehicle designs vary so much that even a good booster can be misused. Parents should make sure that a booster fits their child and their car before buying the seat. Boosters are designed for children -- typically ranging from about 4 to 9 years old -- who are too big for toddler restraints but still too small to use adult safety belts alone. Most toddler seats are for kids who weigh up to 40 pounds. A booster seat is supposed to raise the child so the vehicle's belts rest properly across the pelvis and chest. A poor fit can result in the lap belt resting against the abdomen and causing internal injuries in a crash. Shoulder belts can cause injuries if they are too high and stretch across a passenger's neck. The best bets, according to the study, include the Fisher-Price Safe Voyage, the Britax Parkway, the LaRoche Bros. Teddy Bear, the backless Graco TurboBooster, the backless Combi Kobuk and the Recaro Young Style. Some high-back seats convert to backless designs, so the group tested the configurations separately. The Safeguard Go made the "best bets" list when used in its backless mode, and the highback versions of the Volvo booster and Britax Monarch made the list. Adrian Lund, president of the insurance group, says he'd expect the seats in this group to improve seat-belt fit for children in nearly any vehicle. The main problem with the boosters that the group doesn't recommend is that they place the lap belt on the child's vulnerable abdomen. The list includes the Cosco/Dorel Summit, Traveler and Alpha Omega, the Cosco Highback Booster, the Graco CarGo Zephyr, the Evenflo Generations and Evenflo Chase Comfort Touch, and the Compass B505 and B510. Also, the Dorel/Safety 1st Prospect and Intera, as well as the Evenflo Big Kid Confidence, were in the worst list when used in highback versions, and the Safety Angel Ride Ryte was when used backless. Dorel Juvenile Group says its seats "meet or exceed all federal regulations." Graco also said its products meet "all relevant regulations." Still, safety experts say the risk of injury to a child is less likely with a booster -- even a less-effective model. "What we don't want to do is to somehow make parents think that boosters don't work, because they do," says Kristy Arbogast, director of engineering at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. According to the hospital's research, booster seats reduce children's risk of injury in a crash by 59%. At the same time, a good rating doesn't guarantee a proper fit. Different back-seat angles, for instance, can change the way seat belts fit children." Bottom line, don't rely on what a manufacturer has to say about their seat, but rather listed to an objective opinion from a certified car seat safety specialist before purchasing a booster seat for your child. Click here to speak to one of our certified car seat installation specialist and child proofing expert.

Sep 29, 2008

Uppa Baby 2009 Vista Rumbleseat - Coming Soon!

We are excited to inform you that Uppa Baby is coming out with their Rumbleseat which allows you to convert your VISTA stroller into a compact rear-facing tandem stroller. This all-aluminum frame seat, complete with 5-point harness, attaches in seconds to all 2009 Uppa Baby Vista Strollers.
Your child can now be a "Back seat Driver" with the new Rumble Seat. Made Exclusively for the Uppa Baby Vista Stroller, the seat snaps on in seconds and is very easy to use. The aluminum frame is high enough that your child's hands are kept safely away from the wheel.. You can also use the adapters with an infant car seat and have the Rumbleseat attached to let your newborn and toddler take a ride. You can also reverse the toddler seat and have it face the Rumbleseat so your children can face each other.
Another great perk is that you can use the Rumble Seat along with the Piggyback wheeled board at the same time turning your stroller into a triple stroller!

Sep 22, 2008

Perego announces a $300 price drop for Skate stroller

Wow....Peg Perego just announced a $300 price drop for their Skate stroller from $899 to $599. The "Skate stroller" was first introduced about a year ago as Perego hoped to compete in the high end niche stroller market with the likes of Bugaboo & Stokke. While I loved it's look and great features, it does not look like the public was willing to except the price. At this new $599 price, it still offers excellent value for the price but will be competing more with the likes of Quinny and Phil & Ted's. Click here to see our Peg Perego Skate Stroller Carriage.

Sep 19, 2008

Announcing the all new 2009 Quinny Buzz 4 Stroller

Wanted to show you the newest stroller in the Quinny family. Announcing the all new 2009 Quinny Buzz 4 Stroller. As with their last model it still combines the same unique and revolutionary automatic unfolding system that is sure to grab attention. This time however it designed with a more traditional 4 wheels design albeit with a more stylish look and feel. It still works with the Maxi-Cosi infant car seat and Quinny Dreami bassinet. It's front swivel wheels can be locked or unlocked making it very maneuverable and it includes a spacious replacement seat to accommodate your growing child. It also includes these additional must have accessories; adapters for child car seat, bug net, rainshield, shopping basket and sun canopy. We give this new stroller a big thumbs up!

Sep 17, 2008

September is Baby Safety Month. Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, this month-long education campaign exists to increase consumer awareness of safety issues surrounding the safe use and selection of juvenile products. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) urges all parents and caregivers to find an inspection station in their local area to ensure their child restraint seat is properly installed. Residents of the Washington Metropolitan area can visit the Comfort1st & Babies1st child safety seat inspection station located at our Columbia Maryland store. You can also find inspection stations in their area by visiting NHTSA's Child Safety Seat Inspection Station Locator. Comfort1st & Babies1st are helping educate parents and caregivers on the safe selection and use of child restraint seats by providing valuable information for keeping baby safe in the car.
  1. For the best possible protection keep infants in the back seat, in rear-facing child safety seats, as long as possible up to the height or weight limit of the particular seat. At a minimum, keep infants rear-facing until at least age 1 and at least 20 pounds.
  2. When children outgrow their rear-facing seats (at least age 1 and at least 20 pounds) they should ride in forward-facing child safety seats, in the back seat, until they reach the upper weight or height limit of the particular seat (usually around age 4 and 40 pounds).
  3. Once children outgrow their forward-facing seats (usually around age 4 and 40 pounds), they should ride in booster seats, in the back seat, until the vehicle seat belts fit properly. Seat belts fit properly when the lap belt lays across the upper thighs and the shoulder belt fits across the chest (usually at age 8 or when they are 4'9" tall).
  4. When children outgrow their booster seats, (usually at age 8 or when they are 4'9" tall) they can use the adult seat belts in the back seat, if they fit properly (lap belt lays across the upper thighs and the shoulder belt fits across the chest).

Click here for additional information on how to install a car seat.

Sep 16, 2008

The Rachael Ray Show features The Zaky pillow!

The Rachel Ray Show tested The Zaky with an 8 month old that would not sleep and it passed with flying colors!! The show will feature The Zaky in their program "Human Lab: Baby Products" on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008. Click here to find the showtimes in your city.

In case your never heard of a Zaky before, it is a soft but weighed positioning pillow, partially filled so that it conforms to a baby's body and imitates the look, feel, weight, scent, and warmth of the parents' hand and forearm. It assures proper positioning, helps with pain management and sleep, provides a sense of protection, and assists with the physical and psychological development of the child. You can click here to learn more about the Zaky pillow for preemies and infants.

The new redesigned Valco strollers website

After much anticipation, Valco has finally redesigned their website. The website has the new Club Valco stroller and the Latitude single and twin strollers. It has a nice clean look and is easy to navigate. It has a wealth of product information and has introduced a new Club Valco feature that allows you to register and then upload your pictures of your baby in a Valco stroller. These pictures are then featured on the site. Click here to see the complete line of Valco strollers and accessories.

Sep 15, 2008

Misty May-Treanor in an iJoy Robotic Massage Chair

Just back after an outstanding performance at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, US women's volleyball team member Misty May-Treanor sits back and enjoys a relaxing moment in an iJoy Robotic Massage Chair. Together with Kerri Walsh, Misty May-Treanor did not lose a single set in either of the past two Olympics and the win in their final match extended their unbeaten streak to 108 matches.

Sep 11, 2008

Safety Issue on the Phil and Ted Dash Stroller

We are all so excited to welcome the new dash stroller. There is an issue with a very small percentage of dash strollers that the stroller can collapse when in use. That being the case, we as well as all other authorized Phil & Ted's dealers have been instructed to send our entire stock of Dash strollers back to the manufacturer and will await the next shipment of strollers early to mid November. Until that time no Dash strollers will be shipped. We hoped to get this resolved as soon as possible. If you are in need of a stroller immediately we will be offering our customer an exclusive "Double Your Buggy" promotion were we will send you a free 2nd seat for either the Phil & Ted's Vibe or Sport Buggy stroller. If you would like to take advantage of this offer email us at with your request and we will send you a promotional coupon. We hoped to get this issue resolved as soon as possible and will definately keep you updated!

Sep 9, 2008

Yet another use for the Boppy nursing pillow!

In case you thought you already discovered all the uses for the Boppy nursing pillow, we come to show you a new one! In addition to being the best support and back relief nursing Mom's can find. The Boppy will grow with your kids providing hours of fun entertainment allowing Mom a little extra time breath. Among the many already established uses a Boppy pillow is already know for, Mom can slip it around her waist and give her back some welcome relief. And, after giving birth, mom may even want to sit on a Boppy until she heals and recovers. When Dad gives baby a bottle, his back could use a little extra support, too. Boppy is flexible enough to cradle even the strongest and toughest back.

Sep 8, 2008

ABC Baby Kids Expo & Maclaren Grand Tour LX Luxury Transport System

Well this is our first blog post for and what better week to start than the week of ABC Kids Expo in Los Vages. While Marc is the one at the show, I hope to share with you some of his new baby product finds later in the week. With the ever more innovative baby strollers coming out ever year I'm sure we have what to look forward to. Maclaren is introducing their new Grand Tour LX Luxury Transport System (image on the left).
The innovative GT LX incorporates new high tech features never before seen in a stroller, such as safety lights operated via remote control, and a dashboard console with 'driving instruments', including a clock, temperature gauge and Strollometer® that measures how far and how fast mom is 'strolling' her way back into shape, via a wireless sensor.
On a side note, the Grand Tour LX also commemorates the 20th anniversary of Maclaren's invention of the first travel system, the Super Dreamer, in 1989.