Sep 8, 2008

ABC Baby Kids Expo & Maclaren Grand Tour LX Luxury Transport System

Well this is our first blog post for and what better week to start than the week of ABC Kids Expo in Los Vages. While Marc is the one at the show, I hope to share with you some of his new baby product finds later in the week. With the ever more innovative baby strollers coming out ever year I'm sure we have what to look forward to. Maclaren is introducing their new Grand Tour LX Luxury Transport System (image on the left).
The innovative GT LX incorporates new high tech features never before seen in a stroller, such as safety lights operated via remote control, and a dashboard console with 'driving instruments', including a clock, temperature gauge and Strollometer® that measures how far and how fast mom is 'strolling' her way back into shape, via a wireless sensor.
On a side note, the Grand Tour LX also commemorates the 20th anniversary of Maclaren's invention of the first travel system, the Super Dreamer, in 1989.