Mar 31, 2009

April/May issue of Fit Pregnancy Magazine featuring the Inglesina Zippy

The Inglesina Zippy won the Traditional Minimalist Category as a Light Weight Luxury Item!!!

Mar 19, 2009

Toxin Compliance in all Sunshine Kids Radian Car Seats

By US law, all car seats and booster covers have to be flame retardant. Sunshine Kids Radian car seats and Monterey boosters comply with US, European and Canadian regulations regarding toxic substances such as bromides and PBDE. More than this, Sunshine Kids has made ultra-low toxicity a high priority in each step of our manufacturing process. Sunshine Kids, utilizes a unique, flame-retardant treatment that virtually eliminates toxic out-gassing. The exact formulation remains proprietary, but we are very confident that parents will be very pleased with the results. Stringent, third-party tests by different organizations have rated Radian and Monterey seats as among the lowest in toxicity and toxic out-gassing.
Click here to read the Stamford Times article about toxicity levels in car seats rates the 'safest car seats' of which two are the Sunshine Kids Radian and Monterey seats
Click on the link to learn more about the Sunshine Kids Radian car seats and Monterey booster seat.

Mar 17, 2009

ERGObaby is featured as a "Dad Pack" in March's issue of Pregnancy Magazine!

By the Editors of Pregnancy"

Babywearing is more than just a trend, it's a lifestyle. Devotées of 'Attachment Parenting' consider a carrier an essential tool in raising secure and confident children. But that doesn't have to mean shrouding yourself in a sling of woven hemp until your baby's ready to walk on his own--unless, of course, you want to. And sure, every family needs a stroller and an infant car seat, but we suggest there's a better vehicle for a walk around a crowded farmer's market or keeping baby near while you put in a load of laundry. Baby carriers are more versatile, stylish, and practical than ever. We've picked the standouts--carry on!,..."

Dad Packs"

What's bound to get a dad wearing baby? A carrier as soft and simple as his favorite tee, like the ERGObaby Carrier, made with durable canvas, plush padding, and 400-thread-count cotton lining. It's as versatile as a tee, too: Wear baby in the front, back, or on the hip. And chances are it will be as hard to destroy as that worn-out shirt from his college days."

Click here to view the Ergo Baby Carriers

Mar 10, 2009

KidCo Press Release regarding their compliance with the new CPSIA law!

Here is an excerpt from a KidCo press release regarding their compliance with the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that had many juvenile product manufacturers scrambling. "One of the main issues this law addresses is lead content in toys and other children’s products. It dictates that lead content in all children’s products be reduced dramatically over the next few years. Specifically, the allowable level of lead in paint on children’s products be 600 ppm (parts per million) by February 10, 2009, 300 ppm after one year, and 100 ppm after three years, if possible.

As the government scrambles to address their own new requirements, the manufacturers of these products are left to figure things out for themselves. However, KidCo wants to assure you that our compliance not only with product element levels but with the administrative orders directed are being handled and completed within the original timeframe designated, even if that time frame has been re-assigned to a future date.
In addressing the lead issue specifically, we want to assure you that KidCo gates, because they are certified to more stringent European standards are already LESS THAN 65 ppm! That’s right! At this very moment, as they always have been, KidCo safety gates already greatly exceed the allowable minimum of lead content set to go into effect by 2011! Our compliance with product certification (also mandated by the CPSIA) is also present as you can view product certificates by clicking here. These certificates assure you that our products have been tested to the full extent of the law and have passed.
Is KidCo ahead of our time? We always have been. We were the first to introduce metal safety gates to the U.S. 16 years ago; we are constantly striving for more stringent U.S. testing practices, and we are the first manufacturer to have products already far below the final government regulations regarding lead content.
KidCo takes child safety very seriously and in doing so stretches this commitment beyond safety gates. The BabySteps line of home-made baby food accessories is and always has been BPA free-another very hot topic around the world and also addressed in the CPSIA. The new line of PeaPods also comes with a PVC-free, polyester, self-inflatable mattress."
Visit to view the full line of KidCo products.

Mar 4, 2009

New Reduced Bugaboo Frog Price!

With the ever-changing financial and competitive landscape, in the baby stroller industry Bugaboo just announced a price reduction of their Bugaboo Frog stroller to better balance their product offering and provide a better competitive price point. Click here to learn more...