May 5, 2009

The Zaky Pillow - A Promise for Preemies by Melissa Wilson

HOUSTON - Dr. Yamile Jackson, PhD, was working for an oil and gas company in the Houston area, when she went into premature labor. Her baby was born 3 months early. She made a promise to herself that when her baby got out of the hospital, she would help other "preemies."

Seven years later, she has lived up to that promise.

Her son, Zachary, is doing very well and has no signs or symptoms of every being prematurely born. Jackson developed a pair of hands called "The Zaky" that wrap around a baby, when the parent can't be there to hold them.

Doctors say this has been an effective tool in Neo-Natal ICU's around the world. It helps preemies realize that touch doesn't mean "pain", because so many procedures and needle sticks are needed to keep a premature infant alive.

In hospitals: The Zaky is used in very controlled environments like the Intensive Care Units since they are supervised by a healthcare professional and/or a family member constantly.

Jackson says, "The Zaky is great to take to the hospital when your baby is born. Scent it with your own scent and help your baby when he/she is on the bassinet next to you or give it to the nurse when the baby is taken to the nursery. This way you give your baby your hand with your scent and the nurse can use it to support and position the baby."

She says for sick babies, the Zaky comforts them so they can rest and use the calories to get well and not to look for protection.

The same Zaky fits all children, from premature babies that weigh less than one pound to healthy babies and toddlers, to children with special needs.

For babies at home: The Zaky is made to provide the baby with the optimum environment to fall sleep.

Jackson says, "Once babies fall into a deep sleep, the Zaky is removed and used when the baby wakes up again. The Zaky assists with the transition from womb to world, and then to different environments."

She says they do not recommend leaving the Zaky in the crib after the baby is asleep, unless is recommended by the baby's doctor. For babies and toddlers older than 6-8 months old, the Zaky may remain with the child at night."

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