Mar 19, 2009

Toxin Compliance in all Sunshine Kids Radian Car Seats

By US law, all car seats and booster covers have to be flame retardant. Sunshine Kids Radian car seats and Monterey boosters comply with US, European and Canadian regulations regarding toxic substances such as bromides and PBDE. More than this, Sunshine Kids has made ultra-low toxicity a high priority in each step of our manufacturing process. Sunshine Kids, utilizes a unique, flame-retardant treatment that virtually eliminates toxic out-gassing. The exact formulation remains proprietary, but we are very confident that parents will be very pleased with the results. Stringent, third-party tests by different organizations have rated Radian and Monterey seats as among the lowest in toxicity and toxic out-gassing.
Click here to read the Stamford Times article about toxicity levels in car seats rates the 'safest car seats' of which two are the Sunshine Kids Radian and Monterey seats
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